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February 13, 2023

Tartan’s Product Update - January 2023

Hello there

Welcome back to our latest product update, showcasing all the improvements that we have accomplished in January 2023.

Better Credit Decisioning with 3 Underwriting assist scores

Payslip Confidence score

With our enhanced payslip OCR capabilities, we can now figure out if it is a payslip or not with an internal confidence score in the API response. Using this score clients can build workflows where the system accepts only payslips and not other documents like bank statements, Aadhar cards etc.

Fraud score

Every payslip upload goes through a mandatory edit and tampered check through our Metadata Level Analysis which checks file’s version, schema, producer key, etc., and Pixel Level Analysis which includes advanced algorithms like document similarity and heatmap analysis to identify forgery.

Data Mis-match scores

For every payslip uploaded, the name of the employee and their employer is extracted and matched with the name on the invite. For any small or big differences, a mismatch score is generated. This score can now be used to assist underwriting teams to build automation on their credit policies.

With Payslip, Fraud Score and Mismatch, you can now enhance the credit underwriting policies and build various automations, all with a single API.

A much more revamped Console!

We have now added new features to the console to make it easier for the leads to get added in a single click, check real-time coverage and a knowledge base.

Generate PDF Reports right from the console

With the Tartan console, you will now be able to download your customer’s detailed data with the click of a button. The PDF reports not only helps underwriting and sales teams conduct KYC and Income and employment verification physically but also helps you standardize data of multiple users for different backgrounds.

Customer name-2

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The automated and quick credit assessment offered by Tartan will help financial institutions to reach underserved markets. By making auto and commercial loans easily accessible, ABS offerings can be vastly improved. Instead of relying on traditional credit evaluation, digital banks must move towards digital transformation with Tartan’s help.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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Aditya Sreekumar - Product Manager

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