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February 22, 2022

Tartan + Eduvanz — Reducing the average rollout time by 80%

Eduvanz is a Digital Fintech and RBI registered NBFC helping learners to discover and finance their learning & career goals with fast, convenient, and affordable Low Cost Financing Solutions.

Eduvanz was founded to offer convenient and flexible financial assistance to students and leaders who want quick results, attractive benefits and transparent conversations.

Impact created by Eduvanz so far:

Without Tartan — Manual & Cumbersome Verification Process

Earlier, Eduvanz used to receive scanned payslips from loan applicants and had to extract the data manually in excel. This process was time-consuming and required a team to engage in data sanity operations. They even had to ask for other documentation in case payslips were not proper or incorrect. This led to the TAT (turn-around-time) increasing by two additional days.

With Tartan — Real-time Verification

After integrating with Tartan’s Income & Employment Verification suite, Eduvanz’s verification process is almost real-time now. The average roll-out time in case where ‘non-digital’ payslips were received was 3 days earlier. Now it has been drastically reduced to one day. Also, the team at Eduvanz is pleased with the accuracy of the data they are getting from Tartan’s solution since we provide the data directly from the source system of their users (HRMS/Payroll systems). 

Additionally, through Tartan, Eduvanz is also able to collect all the Payslips which are vetted and classified in a standardised format, which is a great relief from the manual process. They can now deploy additional resources from sanity operations to other tasks, saving them a lot of time & capital and still better the turn-around-time to process the loan application.

Speaking about the collaboration, their team said: “Working with Tartan was very quick and dynamic. Both the teams connected over Slack which was a fruitful collaborative strategy. Their team takes our feedback seriously and come up with definitive answers with respect to the release plans, acceptance or rejection of the feature requests.”

Looking Forward…

At Tartan, we look to build long-term relationships with our customers & partners. That’s why when we partnered with Eduvanz and helped them with their income & employment verification journey, given the experience and support, we offered to partner for our second product, Batik. 

Batik is an Employee Benefits Marketplace where employers can create custom benefits packages for their workforce. This enables them to improve employee engagement and enhance your employer brand significantly. 

Eduvanz is now offering Easy EMI Offers for premium products like Apple MacBook, iPad & iPhone, Revolt RV400 Electric bike and many upskilling courses on EdTech platforms like Upgrad, Great Learning etc., which can now be availed by employees of many organisations easily.  

This collaboration will help both teams provide unique financial products to millions of employees, gig workers, and creators across India.

Contact us to speak to our solutions team to know how Tartan can help your organisation to do real-time verification process and offer a smooth onboarding experience to your users.

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