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November 11, 2022

Tartan partnership with M2P fintech, to roll out consent-driven APIs to lenders

Tartan partners with M2P fintech, a Chennai-based fintech company to roll out consent-driven payroll APIs to lenders

Tartan, India’s leading Payroll Connectivity and Full-Stack Verification API company is proud to partner with Chennai-based financial infrastructure company M2P Fintech to roll out consent-driven payroll application programming interface (APIs) to lenders. 

In a press release, M2P Fintech said the arrangement will enable partner banks and NBFCs to gain access to fully encrypted, comprehensive data directly from payroll systems to automate income and employment verification, thereby enabling lenders to issue loans and credit cards to New to Bank (NTB) customers.

Madhusudanan R, Co-Founder, M2P Fintech said although consent-driven payroll API is a relatively new way of validating the ability to pay, authenticating income and employment information has become a crucial point of differentiation for lenders. “Tartan’s Payroll API, by offering this ability, allows for underwriting journeys to be made seamless.”

A payroll and workforce platform connectivity company, Tartan helps users connect their employer-linked payroll or HR management system (HRMS) account to any app or business to verify income and employment status in less than a minute. 

With the user’s consent, financial institutions use Tartan’s API to fast-track their income and employment verification, which improves underwriting and builds innovative new products.

“With user consent, financial institutions can now use Tartan’s API to fast-track their income and employment verifications.”

“Verifications by and large have been a manual, inefficient, and error-prone procedure susceptible to human error and frauds. By allowing individuals to connect their HRMS account to our API, we can validate income and employment data from their employer in less than a minute,” said Pramey Jain, Co-founder and CEO, Tartan.

Tartan is a Payroll connectivity and full-stack verification API company, enabling consent-driven employment and income verification in real time. We help to simplify banking by eliminating reliance on manual processes for income and employment verifications and KYC-related verifications. And assess creditworthiness in real-time quickly to make accurate risk assessments with over 30+ accurate and verified data points. 

With a first-of-its-kind product offering in India and a feature-packed platform, TartanHQ’s demo is definitely worth trying. Our passionate commitment accompanied by a rock-solid performance, will make you want this forever.

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