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September 14, 2022

Tartan's Product Update - August 2022

Hey there,

We've made some great strides with our product in the month of August and we can't wait for you to see our progress.

Let's dive in.

Custom User journeys through Configurable Verification APIs

We found that there’s a need to have customizable journeys for different financial services solving various use cases for all our clients.

Now you can embed Tartan APIs on the verification journey in a very flexible way as per your need. This enables our offerings to be configurable, and we are now able to integrate our solution for a wider audience.

With our configurable offering, we can mix and match different individual product offerings thus moving towards a path of providing onboarding journeys as a service to our customers.Lending, insurance or HR Background Verification (BVG) we are now in a position to offer custom journeys for all.

With our configurable offering, we have configured our Payslip upload and work history EPFO flow to work together. Thus, the end users just need to upload their payslips and we autofill the UAN with the least touchpoints.

We further provide details from the payslip while also verifying their work history.

User Journey Analytics

Our aim at Tartan is to make every product decision data-driven. Our product development and the data helps our customers improve the UX by tracking the behaviour of their end-users and work on the metrics like decrease in churn rate during user journey and improve their NPS if they have integrated with Tartan APIs.

With these events tracking configured, we can do the following:

  1. Identify the places of user drop-offs, and subsequently find frictional points in our verification journey.
  2. Measure the TAT for a successful journey and find ways to optimise it to be as less as possible.
  3. Conduct user research studies with end-users and provide a holistic view of the verification journey of our customers.

“Minimum touchpoints for your end users, maximum data-points for you”.


Within the last month, we built employment connectivity with more than 6K+ employers through 4 new payroll integrations.

With the likes of fortune 500 companies like Erricson, Tata Capital, Casio India etc, we're now ready to help 1.2 Million employees do income and employment verification faster.

Improvements Spotlight

  1. Download in seconds: Now all the data can be downloaded from the dashboard, making sure our customers using our dashboard product have accessibility to the data as and when needed.

  2. Improved performance - Upto 150% increment in speed of Data syncing. Making the TAT to get the end-users verified data shorter for our customers.

  3. Better Estimation of Total Corpus in the PF account - Helping our insure-tech customers use this alternate data to calculate the net worth of our end-user for policies.

  4. Dashboard Revamp : Better UI and a great UX experience.

Up Next: Launch of our KYC Stack

We wondered if the pre-verified data from the payrolls and payslips still need to be verified by the customers. And the answer was YES. This nudged us in the direction to build for the KYC APIs.

Wait for our exciting update on this soon.

Read our latest Blog - Optimizing Underwriting with Continuous Payroll Data

Payroll data has been a game-changer for underwriters in recent times.
Consent-based real-time payroll data can make the verification process both cost-effective and efficient.

Check out our latest blog to understand how Tartan’s real-time payroll data verification makes it possible for lenders to open up the possibility of tapping into a broader market of borrowers and allows better access to reach those in need of credit.

Find out how Tartan is pioneering user consent-driven payroll data exchange in India, which plays different roles in people’s daily lives behind the scenes, making their financial lives easier.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear any feedback you have on our products and what we can do to make them even better.

If you have any questions or feedback, contact us! If you are excited to ride with us, we are hiring right now. Check out our job openings https://angel.co/company/tartanhq

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