December 13, 2022

Tartan's Product Update - November 2022

Updated Features for Enhanced User Experience

Forgot password flow in payroll selection

Forgot Password flows are further improvised to make it easy for users to reset their passwords without leaving the application.

Now offer better user experience and avoid application drop-offs.

Intuitive UX in place

Logo of Client & Payroll in the customer journey

Building trust and consent is a crucial part of what we are trying to build at Tartan. A logo or a brand identity plays a critical role in the user’s journey.

With this feature update, build overall confidence and enhance the experience of your customers.

New Feature Alert

Try out KYC Sandbox right in the dashboard

With this latest feature, our customers are now able to visualize how the KYC user journeys work in real-time with Tartan’s API by using our new KYC Sandbox feature on the dashboard.

Our customers no longer require going through reading lengthy documentation or integrations. Customers can just sign-up and use the Sandbox for free to see how the KYC APIs will work for them.  

A seamless customer onboarding indeed!

Use - Case

Integrate HRMS account for instant verification

Learn how Tartan’s API is helping new-age digital lending companies verify their user’s income and employment information, increase application conversion and allow them to make loan decisions quickly.


We’ve synced employment records from 200+ new employers in November 2022.

These include large organizations such as Bandhan Bank, Sula Vineyards Ltd, Solartis Technology Services Pvt. Ltd., The Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd etc.

Read our latest Blog

Dealing with an incomplete credit picture

In today’s digital world, lenders are seeking more insight into the borrower’s ability to pay. They are opting for payroll automation as it provides a holistic view of the applicant and provides updates in real-time. Read more to find out how Tartan is helping to resolve these issues and helping the industry.

Find out how Tartan is pioneering user consent-driven payroll data exchange in India, which plays different roles in people’s daily lives behind the scenes, making their financial lives easier.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear any feedback you have on our products and what we can do to make them even better. If you have any questions or feedback, contact us !

If you are excited to ride with us, we are hiring right now. Check out our job openings https://angel.co/company/tartanhq

Stay tuned for more such amazing updates every month.

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