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March 10, 2023

Tartan’s Product Update - February 2023

Hello there,

Welcome back to our latest product update, showcasing all the improvements that we have accomplished in February 2023.

New features

Introducing TartanNodes - A single API to integrate any HRMS

By definition, a Node in a data communication network refers to a point of intersection or connection.

TartanNodes helps access employee data of any company in bulk seamlessly, through a gateway with its payroll/ HRMS system.

The gateway is authenticated and consented by the admins in HR/ CXOs of the company.

What problems does TartanNode solve?

  • Saves time for the HR team in data reconciliation and manual transfer of data.
  • The best way to onboard services and customer data in bulk.
  • Real-time data updates to the vendors.
  • Two way consent, with both HR and at employee level
  • Secure data transfer of a company to its vendors.
  • EMI deduction at source at the time of payroll processing.

Staggered Webhook Response

Now you can get responses of priority data-points before receiving the final webhook thereby decreasing the TAT to fetching data-points by ~60% !

Get basic income and employment data-points in around 15-20 seconds which could be used to quickly prefill user data in onboarding journeys, feed to credit decision models or any other use cases while the rest of the data of the end user is being fetched.

Send bulk invites directly from the console seamlessly!

You can send bulk invites directly from the console in a seamless way. This method could be used to run a POC or use console as a product to do bulk income and employment verification

These are the following improvements:

  1. Increased the allowed file size.
  2. Inform lead in case certain rows have data in the incorrect format.
  3. New screen to show status of bulk invite.

Improved features

Real time KYC response

Once you move into production, you can hit the KYC stack APIs in real time and get actual responses, instead of dummy data.

Information like PAN card, Adhaar OTP, Vehicle RC, Mobile verification, Electricity and CIN Advanced data points is covered.

Enable Select Payroll Journey - For all companies in coverage

With this feature improvement we are offering you Select Payroll option along with Upload Payslips allowing you to choose your payroll (In case of Payroll changed or wrongly mapped).

You can now see all companies in the coverage and select their company or payrolls accordingly.

Select Payroll Journey-1

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

At Tartan, we are building identity stack powered by alternate data and working round the clock to enable features like the above to help our customers towards automating the credit underwriting decisions.

If you're interested to know how Tartan can boost your business, click here for more information.


Hemanth Bhatia - Product Head

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