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June 22, 2022

Tartan’s Product Update — May 2022

Hey there,

"It's been a year since Tartan officially launched in June 2021. We have been consistently shipping out features and improving the usability of our products based on valued feedback from our customers."

The month of May has been exceptional in terms of adding several feathers to our product cap. Dive in to see what all we have in it for you.

A Product that speaks for itself

We're scaling fast and forward to keep income and employment verifications simple via payroll APIs. Our developers are certainly making the most of it and have created a bunch of exciting product updates to make verifications quicker and effortless!  

Take a look at their latest brilliancies:

Work History is here

Our newest offering allows customers to check users’ employment history in real-time, and in addition we fetch 5+ data points from each ex-employer to establish a comprehensive work history.  

With Tartan’s work history feature you can fetch the accurate past employment  data in just a few seconds while previously this had to be done manually which resulted in data errors and wastage of time and resources.  

Something we are excited about -
We initiated and completed EPFO integration . Now we also support previous employment history via payslips and employee provident funds contribution records from government portal UMANG.

Insurance Service providers can now make use of provident fund accumulation through the latest update.

Work History

Improved Fraud Checks

We have improved our fraud check for payslips by introducing new match cases and other additional reporting. This will take a giant leap in fraud detection which gets reported right through our API!

Blur Check API to keep hazy docs away!

10% of the payslips we receive are unreadable, and our Blur Checks API alerts employers immediately.

Fraud Check


We have significantly improved our coverage for income and employment checks through our API and working on multiple payroll integrations.

We are now directly connected to Keka, Peoplestrong and 500 other employers.


System Failure at your end? Re-request any API response

Hit our Re-Request API with your Application ID and get your customer details in real-time. Systems at the client end can break down at any time, resulting in loss of data capture at servers. To cater to this scenario, a Re-request API has been developed to help our clients get data whenever needed!

Request API

One minor enhancement: One giant leap for clients

Product Analytics

Improved product analytics to help gauge the effectiveness of our user flows.

Bank Details and reset your payroll credential.

Get Verified Bank name, IFSC, branch details, and other valuable data. If users forget their payroll credentials, we allow them to reset their credentials right away in our flow so that it's not a fight for them to do so.

Product Enhancements

An event that gives back

Last week took center stage at  ETBFSIFinNext Summit in Mumbai, a one of its kind event for the financial services industry and bought together various CXOs and representatives from  Fintech companies, NBFCs and banking sectors.

Our CEO & Founder, Pramey Jain shared the stage along with founders of Signzy, M2P Fintech, Zaggle, Finbox and Yes Bank.

The panel shared value-rich thoughts on how banks and payment service providers should take a balanced adoption approach towards open APIs, enabling banks to play a more active role in the digital revolution.

It led to a thought-provoking and insightful conclusion on the importance of a data-driven approach and the immense potential for open APIs as a game-changer for financial institutions in terms of enhancing customer satisfaction and maximising revenue.

We were able to showcase our product through hands-on demos and engaging presentation materials to give the event audience the visual evidence of our value providing product outputs.

We did have a big win!

Check our quick snapshots from the event:

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Read on to find out how Tartan is at the forefront of creating a faster, safer, and more financial empowerment for working Indians via Payroll APIs.

Find out how Tartan is pioneering user consent-driven payroll data exchange in India, which plays different roles in people’s daily lives behind the scenes, making their financial lives easier.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear any feedback you have on our products and what we can do to make them even better. If you have any questions or feedback, contact us !

If you are excited to ride with us, we are hiring right now. Check out our job openings https://angel.co/company/tartanhq

Stay tuned for more such amazing updates every month.

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