Embed a white-labelled link to allow your customers to seamlessly connect their payroll account within minutes.

A white-labelled solution

Our entire authorisation process is white-labelled making for a more consistent and seamless user experience your customers will trust.

Saves time

Allowing your customers to pre-populate applications using the data found in their payroll account saves valuable time.

Continuous Income updates

Stay up-to-date by receiving notifications via a webhook whenever there is a change in income or employment status.

Verify users’ income and employment in real-time

Build next-generation products and services for customers with easy, real-time data connectivity to their payroll software.

Streamline onboarding by pre-populating your customers’ Work and Income information.

Immediately verify your customers' income and develop a deeper understanding of their needs

Reduce default risk by monitoring income and employment data in real-time.

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