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Tartan's HRMS Product Update- Apr 2024
Tartan's HRMS Product Update- Apr 2024

We're excited to share the latest updates about Tartan HRMS Sync, designed to ensure seamless data synchronisation and streamline operations. Let’s delve into the details of these updates:

Tartan SDKs'

TartanHQ introduces the SDK solution in HRMS Sync. We are assisting businesses to bring their brand to the forefront and continuously expanding our repertoire of data points, ensuring that Tartan remains at the forefront of innovation in data synchronisation

How It Works

The HRMS Sync SDK enables our vendors to use our "Connect Payroll" service in their own console or dashboard with minimal code footprint. Our Connect Payroll journey opens up as a modal with a button click. We offer three modes to sync employee data: connecting via HRMS, CSV upload, and SFTP upload.

If you are interested in implementing or experiencing a live demo firsthand, please feel free to get in touch with support@tartanhq.com.

Expanding Integration: Welcoming Two Additional HRMS!

We are thrilled to announce the integration of Microsoft Entra ID & Easy HR into our platform, expanding our provider network. With Tartan HRMS Sync now supporting connectivity to over 50+ HRMS and payroll systems, you gain access to essential employment data, enabling the integrated experiences your customers desire.

How do I get access to the HRMS integration?

For Tartan customers, these integrations are already available. If you’re not a Tartan customer, and you’re interested in leveraging data, sign up for free access to our sandbox today.

Customised Offerings

Tartan has expanded its ability to provide customised console offerings tailored to your business's specific needs. With our White Labeling Solution, every communication and interaction with your client showcases your brand identity. Whether it's an invite, a notification, or any other communication, your logo will be at the forefront, reinforcing brand recognition and trust. This includes:

  • Email Customisation: Infuse your brand identity into every communication and interaction with your clients

  • Custom Login Screens: Customise your Tartan console login screen with your branding and imagery, ensuring a personalised experience for users

  • Domain customisation: Businesses that manage several brands or subsidiaries can now customise their Tartan domain. This enables them to maintain brand consistency across their workflows

The ability to customise Tartan’s console to each business's needs helps them to make the platform their own.

Discover Tartan HRMS Sync's New Data Points

Introducing the latest upgrade to Tartan HRMS Sync – now featuring seamless integration with the Group, Grade, and Cost Center data points along with our 50+ data points:

Group & Grade - Assists in creating efficient inter-team and intra-team workflows based on individual employee details of their team (group), and grades.

Cost Center: Experience a centralised view of your business unit's financial performance, enabling accurate tracking of expenses and profits.

In a scenario such as in Corporate Travel Management, HR managers can efficiently coordinate corporate travel arrangements by aligning employee details with travel requisitions, ensuring smooth logistics and expense tracking.

Whether you're managing multiple offices or fine-tuning operations for your team, Tartan's HRMS Sync delivers real-time synced-up data, ensuring efficiency and accuracy every step of the way.

That's a wrap for April! If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for free access to put our latest features to work for you.

Empowering businesses with API-enabled solutions to build next-generation products.

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©2024 TartanHQ Inc.

Empowering businesses with API-enabled solutions to build next-generation products.

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©2024 TartanHQ Inc.

Empowering businesses with API-enabled solutions to build next-generation products.

Subscribe to get an update :

©2024 TartanHQ Inc.