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How Tartan's HRMS Sync Eased Bharatsure’s Client Onboarding
How Tartan's HRMS Sync Eased Bharatsure’s Client Onboarding

Bharatsure, renowned for its reliability and seamless distribution of group health insurance solutions, provides impartial advice to employers of all sizes. However, managing numerous clients and manually updating every client's database is a tedious process bound to encounter discrepancies.

Creating such a solution in-house is impractical for Bharatsure due to resource constraints. 

Therefore, Tartan offers a versatile HRMS sync platform with three application options: No Code Console, Low Code Unified API solution, and SDK-based platform. This flexibility allows Bharatsure to choose the most suitable solution, with a pay-as-you-use feature ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Navigating Bharatsure’s Integration Hurdles

Bharatsure faced challenges managing data for over 500 clients, each providing employee data via Excel sheets. This manual process, taking 3-4 days, burdened HR personnel and risked data discrepancies. Moreover, the delays caused due to manual data updation from the client’s end pertaining to addition, termination or updation of employees’ endorsements was a major challenge faced by Bharatsure.

Furthermore, at the client’s end, outdated employee lists could lead to insurance fraud and financial losses. Since timely updates are crucial for insurance coverage, failing to inform Bharatsure of mid-term additions of new employees within 30 days of their date of joining excludes them from insurance coverage.

Addressing these challenges required a solution that seamlessly updates employee data, reducing turnaround time (TAT) and ensuring accuracy.

Leveraging Tartan’s HRMS Sync Unified API Solution

Tartan’s HRMS Sync integrates with over 50 HR platforms, facilitating seamless integration of client HR systems. This helped Bharatsure in seamlessly integrating their client’s HR systems in HRMS sync streamlining HR processes and harmonizing employee data. Through these integrations, it was able to implement a variety of syncs: 

  • Any time an employee is added to the employer’s HRMS, the new information automatically gets updated to the HRMS sync, along with any of the associated fields a client wants to sync

  • Once a user’s status is marked as inactive in the HRMS, they’re automatically de-provisioned in the HRMS sync

  • Whenever a user is updated in the HRMS, the corresponding changes can occur in the employee’s HRMS profile (depending on the fields that are modified in the HRMS)

With accurate and comprehensive employee data with Bharatsure, their clients can decide what type of data Bharatsure collects, whether that’s related to employee engagement or performance.

Additional Advantages of HRMS Sync

1. Integration with 50+ HRMS and payroll systems enhances scalability and adaptability

2. Streamlined onboarding processes minimize errors and increase operational efficiency

3. Stringent security measures ensure safe data transfer, mitigating risks of breaches

4. Elimination of monthly follow-ups reduces administrative burdens and enhances client satisfaction

5. Seamless enrollment and delisting of employees, streamline operations and enrich customer experience

Quantitative Impact of HRMS Sync on Bharatsure’s Business Growth

Through strategic collaboration with Tartan's HRMS Sync, Bharatsure not only overcame integration challenges but also unlocked new pathways for growth and innovation. The implementation of Tartan's HRMS Sync yielded tangible and far-reaching results for Bharatsure. 

1. Turnaround Time Reduction: With the adoption of HRMS Sync, Bharatsure witnessed a remarkable reduction in turnaround time for receiving employee data. Previously, the process involved multiple follow-ups with clients for updated data, taking up to 90 days to close any new client. However, now, after the adoption of HRMS Sync, this timeline has been drastically shortened. In fact, it now takes just days after the legal process is complete, a significant improvement that enhances operational efficiency

2. Lifetime Engagement Time: The integration of Tartan's HRMS Sync has also led to a notable reduction in follow-ups for incremental data. Earlier, customer success managers (CSMs) had to follow up every 2-3 months for updated information.However, with the implementation of HRMS Sync, this frequency has decreased, allowing CSMs to focus more on onboard new clients and enhancing client engagement and satisfaction

3. Sales Growth: In addition to operational improvements, the impact of HRMS Sync on revenue generation is undeniable. Bharatsure experienced a substantial 30% upsurge in sales, highlighting the significant contribution of HRMS Sync to driving business growth and boosting overall sales performance

As Bharatsure navigates the evolving insurance landscape, its partnership with Tartan exemplifies the power of innovative solutions in driving organisational excellence and sustained growth.

Empowering businesses with API-enabled solutions to build next-generation products.

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Empowering businesses with API-enabled solutions to build next-generation products.

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©2024 TartanHQ Inc.

Empowering businesses with API-enabled solutions to build next-generation products.

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©2024 TartanHQ Inc.