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How Jupiter Leveraged HRMS Sync to Streamline Processes
How Jupiter Leveraged HRMS Sync to Streamline Processes

Jupiter, one of the leading NEO banks powered by Federal Bank, has been making waves with its innovative approach to customer engagement. As a provider of banking services to corporate businesses and their employees, Jupiter faced a unique challenge – the manual process of onboarding employees through traditional methods such as CSV or SFTP (Safe File Transfer Protocol).

The Problem

Inefficient Data Management

Jupiter's Customer Success Managers/Key Account Managers were grappling with the cumbersome task of manually updating employee data through CSV files. This manual method not only led to delays in data processing but also increased the risk of data discrepancies and missing employee details. The time-consuming nature of this process posed a significant obstacle to Jupiter's growth and client satisfaction.

Key challenges faced by Jupiter:

  1. Reduced Operational Efficiency of KAMs at Jupiter: The manual CSV and SFTP exchanges and follow-ups with HR teams resulted in more than 3-4 days of turnaround time. inefficient processes and reduced the productivity of Jupiter's sales and account management teams

  2. Multiple Integration for different HRMS: Jupiter operates with several clients which require streamlined processes. However, having to integrate every HRMS of each client individually increased complexity, and resulted in fragmented data management

  3. Security/Request NDA: Neobanks, like traditional banks, handle sensitive financial information. Thus, ensuring the security of employee data is paramount. The need to request Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) likely indicates concerns about data privacy and protection

  4. Irregular sync-up: Jupiter operates in a fast-paced environment where real-time data availability is crucial for decision-making. Irregular synchronization of HR data implies inconsistencies or delays in accessing up-to-date employee information, which could impact operational efficiency and decision-making processes

  5. Increased Operational Burden on HR Teams at Corporates: The manual work required to update employee data in the HRMS systems placed a significant burden on the HR teams of Jupiter's corporate clients

  6. Slower Activation of Salary Accounts: The manual processes and delays in updating employee data hindered the timely activation of Federal Bank’s salary accounts for new corporate employees

The Solution  

Tartan's HRMS Sync

Jupiter turned to Tartan's HRMS Sync to find a solution to the problem. HRMS sync leverages Unified API technology to seamlessly integrate with 50+ HRMS and payroll systems. This integration allowed Jupiter to access real-time, consented data from its clients' employee records, eliminating the need for manual data transfers.

Furthermore, Jupiter could update corporate employees' bank accounts with deposit switch API to a newly opened federal bank account. This API helped streamline the account-switching process, reducing the manual effort required by HR teams and boosting the operational efficiency of Jupiter's internal teams.

The key advantages of Tartan's HRMS Sync for Jupiter:

1. Secure Data Transfer from HRMS of interested corporates to Jupiter via Tartan's API:

  •  Helped reduce manual work by HR teams

  •  Enhanced the security of system-to-system data transfers

  •  Reduced human errors, with minimal to no manual work

2. Seamless and Real-time Data Sync with HRMS for Jupiter:

  • Allowed new employees of corporates to be offered Federal Salary accounts in real-time

  • Enabled handling of enterprise data at scale, without discrepancies or delays

  • Boosted engagement with HR teams and increased the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a corporate for Jupiter

  • Increased operational efficiency for Jupiter's CSM and Key Account Management (KAM) teams, with fewer follow-ups with HR

3. Deposit Switch APIs Helped Jupiter Update the HRMS of a Corporate in Real-time:

  • Facilitated faster activations of Federal Salary Accounts for employees

  • Eliminated the manual effort of HR to update Federal salary accounts in HRMS

  • Provided real-time status of employee account status to HR teams and Jupiter's KAMs in the Tartan console

The Outcome

Exponential Growth and Enhanced Customer Experience

The implementation of Tartan's HRMS Sync has been a game-changer for Jupiter. By integrating with its clients' HRMS systems, Jupiter could onboard over 10 new clients within a week, with more in progress. Automating data flow between the client's HRMS and Tartan’s HRMS sync has cut down on manual HR efforts and enhanced internal efficiency at Jupiter.

As the AVP of Sales at Jupiter notes, "With Tartan's HRMS Sync, we've successfully onboarded over 10 clients within a week, with more in progress. Their console streamlines operations by automating data flow between the client's HRMS and Jupiter, cutting down manual HR efforts while enhancing internal efficiency at Jupiter."

The seamless integration and real-time data access provided by HRMS Sync have enabled Jupiter to expand its reach to diverse client domains while improving the overall customer experience, particularly for larger organizations.

In a world where efficiency and customer satisfaction are paramount, Jupiter's partnership with Tartan's HRMS Sync has proven to be a game-changing strategy, revolutionizing how banks approach employee onboarding and client engagement.

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Empowering businesses with API-enabled solutions to build next-generation products.

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Empowering businesses with API-enabled solutions to build next-generation products.

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