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July 14, 2023

Tartan Product Newsletter-June 2023

Hello there 👋,
Welcome to our latest product update, showcasing all the new features and improvements that we have accomplished in June 2023 🦾

Bringing Client Delight - Instant Credit Insights 

Tartan's API for CIBIL Pull: Streamlining Credit Assessment

Discover Tartan's API solution for the CIBIL Pull, which provides effortless access to credit reports. In just 30 seconds, lenders can gain a comprehensive understanding of the creditworthiness and history of users.

Users can also instantly obtain credit scores, allowing them to keep track of their financial health with ease. With a consented and privacy-focused process, Tartan empowers both lenders and users with seamless access to vital credit insights.

The benefits of Tartan's API solution for CIBIL Pull include:

  1. Instant Credit Scores: Keeping You Informed, Always
  2. Enhancing Lenders' Decision-making Capabilities
  3. Consented Process: Prioritizing Privacy and Transparency
  4. Leaning towards fast and frictionless experience
Creating User Delight - Hassle-free onboarding

Access Employment History For Better Credit Decisioning 

Say goodbye to the cumbersome OTP intervention and welcome a streamlined process that only requires the mobile number to retrieve the complete employment history ✅

With soft-consented EPFO pulls lenders can effortlessly fetch the employment history of applicants. 

The advantages of this approach are:

📌 Understand the Employability Factor of the user.

📌 Access data of past employments.

📌 Access data of employment tenure against each employer.

Providing Platform Delight - Empowering Decision-making

HRMS Sync: B2B Employee and Income Data from Payrolls

Tartan's HRMS Sync offers a robust data standardization process that efficiently standardizes all essential P0 data points, including date of joining, employment type, designation, net pay, and over 60 other data points.

This simplifies data consumption and enhances analytics capabilities, allowing you to consume data of multiple Payrolls using our Unified HRMS/Payroll APIs.

 😎 Expanded Reach with 14 Payrolls, Streamlined Data, Simplified Insights!

Making Fintech Space Delight - From our blog archives

Over 90% of transactions happen outside of banks.🎯

Over 90% of transactions happen outside of banks 🎯

The significant shift toward digital channels has been a game changer for operational efficiency in banking, contributing to the overall financial well-being of both institutions and their customers. ✅

Verification APIs are leading the way in faster and more accurate assessments for loan approvals and financial services. 🚀

Read our latest blog to learn about the significance of these APIs and their impact on lending.https://www.tartanhq.com/post/the-importance-and-uses-of-apis-in-digital-lending

Setting Press Delight - The power of data-driven insights

Aligning Responsible Practices with Data-Driven Insights

Read our co-founder, Meet Semlani's thoughts on how aligning responsible practices with data-driven insights, credit card companies can safeguard consumers and foster a culture of responsible card usage.🚀


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