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February 22, 2024

Tartan's Verification API Product Update- Jan 2024

Welcome to the latest update from Tartan! We're excited to introduce several new features for our identity verification and authentication. As we prioritise security, efficiency, and user experience, these updates reflect our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for identity verification and authentication.

Introducing KYC and KYB Neural Web

Individual API:

Our Neural web API offers a secure access to a range of personal data, including employment details, driving license information, PAN details, and UPI (Unified Payments Interface) ID details. Utilising PAN & mobile numbers as the primary inputs for verification, users can conveniently retrieve essential information while ensuring data privacy and security.


With our KYB API, businesses can securely access essential company details, including GST information, name verification, CIN (Corporate Identification Number) verification, EPFO (Employees' Provident Fund Organisation) verification, and PF (Provident Fund) payment details. Businesses can efficiently retrieve necessary information for compliance and risk assessment purposes by leveraging PAN and company name inputs.

Tartan KYC and KYB Neural Web

Launching Global KYB (Know Your Business)

Our KYB Global API empowers users to authenticate companies with ease, verifying over 300 million entities globally and meeting strict KYB regulations. Explore Business Verification effortlessly, verifying legal status, addresses, employees, and directors with our KYB APIs. Conduct Real-Time AML Screening for immediate risk assessment against watchlists, PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media.

✅ Verifying over 300 million businesses worldwide
✅ 1-sec average verification time
✅ 30min Quick integration
✅ 99% Completion rate

Introducing new APIs to help you Verify & Enrich your customers data

Employment History via PAN:

Leveraging the power of PAN, businesses can now seamlessly retrieve a user’s employment history using their PAN. This streamlined process adds another layer of verification to our KYC stack, enhancing accuracy and reliability.

Driving License verification:

Simplifying access to driver license details, our API allows users to fetch driver license information from reliable sources such as government records, financial institutions. This streamlined process enhances user experience while maintaining robust security measures.

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