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April 7, 2022

Tartan’s Product Update — March 2022

Hey there,

We’re fans of sprinting towards new features and product improvements at Tartan. Our superhuman team is always hard at work trying to make user journeys easier and more aesthetically pleasing.

We are bringing you the latest product updates:

Holistic verification with Tartan: Salaried + Gig + Freelance

We now provide Income & Employment verification for a gambit of earning Individuals. Along with the Salaried bracket, we now cover Gig workers and Freelancers too and help provide highly impactful income & employment data points on the same.

What does this mean?

No more offering financial products only to the salaried class. Now extend your services to Gig workers and Freelancers across platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, Freelancer, and Upwork among others

Know about their job trends, daily earnings, tips, and the regions they serve! Additionally, get interesting data points around their Reputation which includes Ratings, Completion Rate, Repeat Rate, and Orders Completed. Interested? Schedule a Demo

Say no to fraudsters!

We have improved our Fraud Check Model and are now better equipped to do away with people who mean no business with you. Our model can now prevent Payslip Tampering and can also do an Employer Check to find whether the employer exists with MCA or not. This will help in weeding out unnecessary leads or malicious actors.

PIN Code: Magnified

Data points around the Address of an end-user are always important and relevant. But more than often, the data here is a little confusing and messy. But not anymore. 

We now enable individual and structured data points around addresses spread across regions, districts, and states. All this is done by extracting PIN Code from the addresses received. This means you can directly ingest these into your models without spending any time on internal data cleaning and segregation.

Accept customers with more confidence

Customers with different profiles reach out to you on a daily basis. It can be really difficult to build a solution that caters to all, but thankfully, Tartan understands the pain.  

We continuously improve our solution to cover varied customer profiles. We have built processes that identify genuine customers with the highest accuracy, which means that you can now accept more applications with higher confidence.  

What does this mean for you? Better Customer Management, Higher Acceptance Rate, and Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost. Convinced? We could go on.

The Extensibility of Income and Employment Verifications

The conventional manner of verification involves a couple of phone calls and an exchange of emails which becomes a cumbersome and broken process as the volumes of such verifications increase, which raises eyebrows in the era of digitalization!  

Read our latest blog to understand how Tartan enables working Indians to get seamless access to financial products and services

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Stay tuned for more such amazing product updates from Tartan

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