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March 19, 2024

Tartan's Verification API Product Update - Feb 2024

Refine addresses accurately with Address Enrichment APIs

Our Address Enrichment API suite efficiently manages address tasks by authenticating, validating, correcting, and standardising addresses. Leveraging historical data and machine learning, it also offers insights and accurate geocode information, ensuring reliability in banking, and financial services. So whether the need is for validating or normalising addresses, checking serviceability or authenticating linked contact details - our APIs ensure each address is not just formatted but perfected for various needs.

Address Enrichment API Stack:

(i) Address Activity API - Retrieves recent address activity via e-commerce ecosystem

(ii) Address Normalisation API - Transforms unstructured addresses into a standardised format

(iii) Address Insight API - Provides insights into the serviceability and existence of an address

(iv) Geocoding Output API - Delivers accurate geocode information for a given address

(v) E-commerce Association API - Authenticates link between given contact and address in e-commerce history

Who can use ?

  1. Banks - Banks can leverage these APIs to validate addresses and reduce TAT for CPV*.For eg. to open a bank account or provide credit access to non-native workforce by verifying their permanent address.
  2. NBFCs - To improve debt collections and risk profiling by providing robust insights on customer's addresses. Standardising addresses also helps expedite the customer onboarding journey by correcting address inaccuracies.
  3. Fintech - These APIs help in validating customer’s addresses at sign-up, therefore saving time during the loan origination process and contributing to risk assessment. It can also be used to tidy diverse CRM data, thus simplifying management.

*CPV - Customer Profile Validation

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Ensure database integrity and boost deliverability with Email Verification API

Employ Tartan's point-of-capture API to intercept fraudulent or incorrectly entered signups or queries at the outset, and deter future malicious actors with automated email verification.

Email Verification

For email marketing to be a winning story for your business, the first hygiene check is having a clean database. Therefore, by introducing Email Verification APIs, we aim to improve open rates for our clients by blocking mistyped or fake emails right in the beginning. It makes our clients feel secure about a decent email reputation or getting blacklisted because of high bounce rates.

Domain Verification

For instance, consider an employee asserting affiliation with "Stark Industries" company. The emails tony@stark.com and tony@stark.org could denote distinct entities. Employ the domain verification API to pinpoint the correct organization.

Tartan is actively advancing efforts to automate user onboarding and verification, including transaction processes for all financial institutions with our Trust APIs stack

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