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January 18, 2023

With Tartan, get fast approvals on your credit card applications


Smita is an IT professional and works as a product manager in Bangalore. She recently got a promotion and hopes to travel frequently within and outside the country. This also means that her expenses will increase with the frequency of travel. She loves to dress up and make an impression as well. She is smart with her finances. She checks all possible options before buying anything. She does not fall into the sales trope that easily.

With increased travel, she anticipates frequent expenses. She shops using digital payments and her debit cards, but now she plans to apply for her credit card.

Problem statement

Smita is getting a lot of calls from credit card companies almost daily. Though Smita is keen, she is worried about her credit card applications. There are many reasons, but she fears the most is the number of times she needs to fill in the information. By now, she’s used to keeping her bank statement, payslips, and data handy so she can complete the process as and when required. She hates entering data manually and fears that she has to wait for a long time. It’s a headache and repetitive with every application.

She has taken four calls in the last two months, and they all have been highly unsuccessful. She could never complete the entire journey. She tried applying through a telecaller, through her bank recently but she couldn’t complete the process.

Pain points

Faster application is not happening. Too much repeated and manual data entry. She finds the journey pretty long. 


Smita has come to know that her company’s HRMS payroll is now integrated with Tartan APIs (India’s leading income and payroll verification platform), which will change how companies look at lending from the customer’s point of view. It’s fast, easy and highly reliable and gives over 150+ data points of an employee.

Smita logs in to her company payroll system daily for her attendance, work login, salary slips etc. All she has to do is login with her payroll credentials, and it will fetch her data as an employee onto the system itself. Smita just has to confirm the data and give her consent to use this data to be now shared with banks when she’s applying for her credit card.


While it was manual and repetitive earlier, Smita finally applied for her credit card in a few clicks and in a few minutes. 

About Tartan

Tartan is a payroll data connectivity and full-stack verification API company, enabling real-time consent-driven employment and income verification. We help simplify banking by eliminating reliance on manual processes for income and employment verifications and KYC-related verifications. Tartan also assesses creditworthiness quickly to make accurate risk assessments with over 150+ valid and verified data points.

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