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Verification Product Update - June '24

Businesses these days are revolutionising software development and automation using no-code platforms. These platforms have significantly transformed operations by enabling them to create and automate processes without the complexities of traditional coding.

Similarly, Tartan’s no-code platform aims to empower clients with a seamless verification journey through a user-friendly, no-code interface. A product manager, working on such an integration can effortlessly drag and drop various APIs to create customised verification workflows tailored to the product’s specific needs.

This document outlines the key features and benefits of our no-code platform to build customised journeys. Furthermore, you can reach out to us for a short demo to understand synergies with our integration

Key Features:
  1. Drag-and-Drop Interface: Our easy-to-use interface lets you simply choose different APIs from the bucket to create your verification process.

  2. Customisation: Based on the product and target audience, any PM can customise the journey by selecting specific APIs.
    For eg. a user verification journey for real-money gaming product requires Bank Account verification API whereas a lending product journey requires PAN verification API in their journey

  3. Flexibility: Arrange the APIs in any order you like to create unique verification steps for your customers.

  4. Real-Time Preview: A PM can have a live preview of how the process looks before making it live, which helps in getting instant feedback.

  5. Shareable Link: Once the process is set, a unique link is received to share with your customers. Users can use this link to complete verification from anywhere, anytime.

  1. Time and cost effective: Our implementation timelines are 5x faster and much more cost-effective than building the complete workflow in-house and testing it from scratch.

  2. Low learning curve: Our no-code solution eliminates the need for manual coding, enabling PMs to create journeys without putting much effort.

  3. White labelled solution: Any company which uses our integration can get white labelled interface with company’s branded logo, colour scheme and fonts, thereby providing a consistent user experience.

  4. A/B Testing: Client can also perform A/B testing on different journeys by analysing completion rates via an integrated dashboard available with our solution.

  5. Scalability: As businesses grow and evolve, our no-code solution scales effortlessly to accommodate changing verification needs.

To know more about this solution, talk to sales team for any queries

Journey Distribution:

In terms of distributing the created journey to their customers, a client can leverage channels like console, API and other marketing channels.

Distribution is of 2 types:

  • Targeted: It comes with a unique link for each user. For example, Company A will create a journey and get a unique link for a customer, from which they can track user details of the ones who completed the journey.

  • Non-Targeted: It has one common link for all users, where users can fill details like name, phone, email etc. via a form. This method is used for public channels like social media or outreach campaigns.

If you want to become a saviour for your product teams and help in solving user onboarding problems like managing multiple vendors, designing and implementing workflows from scratch, figuring out the right dashboard for analysis, get in touch with us to build seamless user onboarding flow for your product.

Empowering businesses with API-enabled solutions to build next-generation products.

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Empowering businesses with API-enabled solutions to build next-generation products.

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©2024 TartanHQ Inc.

Empowering businesses with API-enabled solutions to build next-generation products.

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©2024 TartanHQ Inc.