We’re on a mission to improve consumers’ financial lives by unlocking the potential of payroll data.

By democratizing income and employment verifications through technology, we are building the technical infrastructure APIs that connect consumers, traditional businesses, and developers.

Our Values

Be resourceful

We think on our feet and are always on the lookout for clever solutions

Remain Curious

We’re eager to learn, share and grow across teams

Stay humble

Our approach is about perspective, not ego

Claim ownership

We put things in motion, own our wins and fails, and report transparently

Who are we

We're a team of problem solvers. We value curiosity, empathy, and diverse perspectives. We're excited about the scope of the problems we're working to solve and look at problems based on first principles and prefer learning by doing.

We have a diverse background and set of skills, but we're all passionate about our craft, the hobbies we keep, and the relationships we build.

Want to build with us?